INTRODUCING: Whine & bubble with Lexxicon, Toronto’s newest voice in Dancehall who is back with his latest single, ‘Power Over Me’

Today, Toronto breakout star LEXXICON’s releases newest single and video for the dancehall/Afro-fusion smash, ‘Power Over Me’. Having grown up with a strong theatre background before being bitten by the music bug around 2017, LEXXICON is clearly no stranger to the stage but his newest offering marks his first time ‘performing’ for a European audience since leaving Birmingham for America, several years ago.

A man of varied taste and culture, LEXXICON’s music perfectly reflects the fusion of sounds and cultures present within him. From the heavy Caribbean influences gained from his Jamaican background, as well as his time in Birmingham and Toronto, to the African flavours adopted from his time New York and his love for artists such as Wizkid and Burnaboy, there’s a little taste of everything in LEXXICON’s sound and style.

In ‘Power Over Me’, LEXXICON emerges bigger and better than ever, offering fans a romantic love story and a bouncy club banger all in one! Vibrant, energetic and sexy, the music video captures the hot and steamy dance floor scene reminiscent of old 90s and early 2000’s music videos, complete with group choreography and a even rain machine!

A breath of fresh air and a welcomed newcomer to the culture, LEXXICON is showing real promise as an exciting new act bridging the gap between Africa, The Caribbean and all the diaspora. With a string of singles set to be released ahead of his album debut in November, LEXXICON looks like he’s here to stay and slay.

LEXXICON – Power Over Me

“After travelling to the island, the couple has time to reflect on how they feel about each other.  The song touches on the blinding love that you feel when you’ve found the ‘one’. It’s like nothing else matters because they are all you see, want, and care about.  Almost as if, they have this divine control over you. This is a song for those in love or those in the honeymoon stages of their new relationship.”



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