CHATTERBOX: GANGGA talks favourite tracks from the album & newfound fame

If anyone should be described as a force to be reckoned with, it’s GANGGA. Since the release of his debut single “Don’t” at the end of 2019, GANGGA has already topped the #1 Spotify Top Global Viral Chart in January of this year, accumulated over 60 million streams on his song “Blue Jeans,” and was the only Indonesian musician who was invited to perform at TikTok’s Music Night Asia along with musicians from US, South Korea, Australia, Japan, and more. Following the recent release of his debut album, It’s Never Easy, we catch up with the young trailblazer to discuss the journey so far.

– For our readers who may not have heard of GANGAA before, could you tell us a little bit about your sound and style?

My sound/style is more into pop/urban pop  with a minimalist musical concept.

– How are you feeling now that your debut album, It’s Never Easy is out in the world? Is the reaction everything you hoped it’d be? 

I’m indeed very happy because I finally be able in making one of my dreams come true; having an album. I hope that all songs on the album can be well received by many people and liked by the listeners, to accompany them when they feel sad or down. 

– We love to know the origin and history behind artists and band names, what inspired ‘GANGGA’?

GANGGA is actually my real name. I learn music alone without any proper tutor because I loved to listen to jazz and Disney songs as a child. When I’m 15 years old, I often participated in band competitions, and finally in 2019 I finally dared to write songs and dive into the music industry.

– It’s Never Easy is largely about love and relationships inspired by your personal life, where else do you find inspiration?

Apart from my experience, I also find inspiration from many heartbreak processes of my friends, which made me understand that in the process of heartbreak everyone has to go through hard times, and it will never be easy.

– Could you describe what this album means to you in your own words?

This album is my diary, a story written from my feelings. I wrote it honestly, with music that describes my mood and how I feel at that time. You could say this album is describing GANGGA and his character.

– Do you have a favourite track on the album? If so which is it and why?

Ice Kiss and This Love Will Never End.

Ice Kiss is a song about simplicity in love, where I believe when we love someone in a modest/simple way, we are at the lowest point in our ego, and I believe it will make a strong foundation for love.

This Love Will Never End is a song that I ‘felt’ when writing this album and when I wrote that song as well. When writing this album, I tried to dig into my past. But when I dig into my past, I went too far, I felt ‘that’ feeling again, and This Love Will Never End is really what I‘m feeling right now.

– What’s been one of the biggest highlights of your music career so far?

When I topped the #1 Spotify Global Chart with my second single, “Blue Jeans”, I was selected to perform at TikTok Music Night Asia. I feel like this is a huge blessing and truthfully I never had expectations about these things before.

– What advice would you give to other young artists also trying to make it in the industry?

Dream, be consistent, and believe that it will come true.

– Lastly, what’s next from GANGGA?

There will be new songs with new colors. No more sad songs, there will be happy songs & I will give my listeners a brand new story.

GANGGA – It’s Never Easy


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