Kate Fenner reveals the haunting and atmospheric album ‘Dead Reckoning

Based in Canada, the evocative Singer Songwriter Kate Fenner has finally revealed her stunning and depth defying new album, the poignant and at times harrowing Dead Reckoning. Carrying the existential weight of life and death, touching on shared trauma and filled with contemplation, Dead Reckoning is a project difficult to comprehend in mere words.

Overflowing with a palpable and incredible depth of emotion from the very first track, it’s penetrated with a raw and powerful energy, injected straight from the heart of the artist herself. Emerging out of waves of struggle and self-reflection, Kate Fenner has created a project beyond definition and therefore is undoubtedly worthy of study, attention and the time to really receive every nuance, cascading throughout each piece. With Kate’s gorgeously powerful voice emanating throughout, she takes us on a journey that is both haunting, fragile and utterly beautiful.

For anyone in particular who is dealing with loss, death or the painful struggle in between, there is plenty to discover, empathise with and find comfort in Dead Reckoning.

“When my friend Mike was dying in December of 2019, I came across an Amy Hempel poem about the failure of language when faced with things like death— “ At the end, I wanted to comfort him.  But what I said was, Sing to it. The  Arab proverb: When danger approaches, sing to it.”

Mike was not the first loss, nor was he to be the last, in the past few years of my life. My parents went, naturally; but it was the consecutive losses of my friends—bandmates, soulmates, mentors—that stung and bewildered; each one barely fifty years old when cruel variations on cancer made their way through my friends’ bodies, turning off all the lights.

In some cases, I was fortunate enough to be with them through this process, allowed to love and care for them at this most intimate juncture. In every case, I was tempted by the idea that I could make it better for them. That I could give them something to take with them, and they could leave something behind for me to hold, something slight but durable to set me in my life. In the end, all I felt I did was walk them to the threshold and watch them disappear. The term “dead reckoning,” apart from it signifying in this case just what it sounds like, is a navigational strategy to recalculate your position by estimating the direction, the drift, and the distance you’ve travelled.

I know life by definition is contoured by the loss of it. This time feels particularly burdened with loss, real and impending; maybe every time has felt that way. I’m left with love as the only defense—loving people and letting them know they were loved by you. Dead Reckoning really is a reckoning during a period of seemingly endless loss and an attempt to determine a “way of living that is not waiting,” as I recently heard poet Jorie Graham say in an interview. Singing is my way of loving, loving even danger. Here I sing to my friends, my parents; their ghosts; and to you. I hope you can hear it.” – Kate Fenner

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