Silent Child teams up with Margø to bring us ‘Strange’

Joining musical forces to bring us something truly out of the ordinary, Silent Child is back with the capable vocals of Margø to deliver ‘Strange’. Coming off the back of his debut EP ‘Tortured Thoughts’, Silent Child is certainly no stranger to teaming up with some of musics finest heavy weights and this new single is a killer.

Personal, rebellious and oozing with that rocktronic tonic that Silent Child concocts so expertly, ‘Strange’ is filled with honest lyricism and sprinkles of pop perfection. Wonderfully weird and welcomingly wacky we can’t wait to hear what this illusive, multitalented artist has up his sleeve next but for now we’re pretty happy just being ‘Strange’.

This song means a lot to me personally. It’s about being different from other people and those close to you trying to change you. But, honestly, it’s okay to be different. Sometimes our differences might seem strange to other people, but just because we aren’t the same doesn’t mean we have to be.” Accompanying Cooke is Canada-based, margø. She says, “I really connected with the theme of accepting and loving the things that make you different – so I intertwined that idea with the concept of self-love. Sometimes society leads us to believe that in order to feel love, we need to receive that love from another person – whereas, I wanted my part in the song to convey the idea that it’s more than okay to be alone; we can definitely find that feeling of being complete within ourselves.” Silent Child

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