Bursting with vitality, ‘Alive’ is the new single from Josha Daniel

Opening with a series of “what if…?” rhetorical questions, Dutch newcomer Josha Daniel connects instantly with the listener on an emotional and cerebral level for his high impact electronic single ‘Alive’. That first burst of surging synths around the 15 second marks mimics a rush of serotonin that one may experience during a moment of pure happiness, or ecstasy, or freedom.

We cycle through this low and high feeling a couple of times before the producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter leads us out with layers of vivacious electronica. We especially love the breakdown section of the song in the last third, we can really sense Josha Daniel getting into the groove of his sound here.

‘Alive’ is insistent, dramatic electronic music and we’re here for it!

““Alive” is about the ultimate rush of feeling free. What if we could leave all our fears behind, will we truly feel alive?”

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