Electro-pop outfit Valencia share emotional duet ‘So Sober’

If this track isn’t synced to the finale of a Netflix teen drama or reality show, we’d be shocked! It’s such a pure piece of open-hearted pop songwriting, that those sync agents would have do be doing something seriously wrong to miss this gem. Of course, we’re talking about ‘So Sober’, the tender duet from Los Angeles based project Valencia.

Made up of California’s Jadeyn Madsen and London’s Lou Courts, this duo have become well-known for their emotional candour and vivid storytelling, which has been brought to life on ‘So Sober’ by producer Alex Angelo (toured with Shawn Mendes, Fifth Harmony, Austin Mahone & Jake Miller). The pair’s soaring harmonies matches perfectly to the unforgettable pop melody, which shines against the backdrop of tapestried electronica and warm piano.

Valencia’s ‘So Sober’ is simply gorgeous and we’ll be listening all weekend!

This song is for anyone who’s ever been going through it. ‘So Sober’ is about working through the hardship; coming back from the low points in life (losing a job, or a terrible breakup) and when you’re trying to drown it all out, you find someone or something that makes you want to keep going.”

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