LearningToDive drops epic 80s inspired album, Norwegian Pop

LearningToDive returns with his long-awaited debut album, Norwegian Pop, inspired heavily by 80s sonic palettes and the sound and feel of nostalgic genres ranging from New Wave to Art Pop and everything in between. As well as this, the album also sees LearningToDive traverse a spectrum of often deeply personal and equally relatable themes, from betrayal and hope to danger and the inevitabilities of age.

Written as a love letter to the dazzlingly inventive 1980’s, Norwegian Pop is just one of a series of projects by Bravo Bones, who performs under several monikers, LearningToDive being his newest and his most openly vulnerable. Through this album, LearningToDive dissects personal, political and societal ideas, whilst retaining a musical edge which crosses the decades to sound as vibrant and vital as ever.

To accompany the release of the new album LearningToDive unveils a brand new music video to the lead single, track, ‘I Stand on an Ice Floe’ which perfectly sets the scene for the rest of the album through its sheer magnificence and magnitude.

11-tracks long, Norwegian Pop is a wonderful new offering from LearningToDive who has done a masterful job of taking the innovation of the past and injecting it with more modern elements of Trip-Hop and Shoegaze to create a truly transcendental sonic experience and a musical offering that’s unlike any other. Ethereal and honest, yet dark and cryptic, Norwegian Pop is Bravo Bonez at his best.

LearningToDive – Norwegian Pop


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