Olive Featherstone makes stunning debut with ‘Opium Requiem’

Bristol resident, singer-songwriter Olive Featherstone, aka Olivia Jasmine Noonan debuts her first single, the exquisite ‘Opium Requiem’. Oozing with cloud light, whispery vocals and a dreamy like guitar scape, Olive showcases her charming, eloquent and utterly delightful lyricism from the get go. Left-centre Indie at it’s finest, this first step into the musical world is a mesmerising start and one we eagerly anticipate more of. Luckily, we don’t have to wait long with a debut album on the horizon for Autumn titled ‘I Was Wondering, Lost’.

Get ready for more from this unique, eclectic indie gem.

“I wrote this song at the end of a turbulent relationship with someone who would be awake whilst I was sleeping in the same room – he’d be sat by the window, smoking and watching people go by. I always thought that symbolised the distance we had between us in that relationship.” – Olive Featherstone

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