NEONI release thunderously cinematic new single ‘Mutiny’

Twisted, haunting, alluring and downright addictive. That is only way to describe the powerful new single from the dazzling duo NEONI. Combining alternative Pop Rock and electro, they began their musical journey playing festivals around the US. Now, smashing the online stratosphere, NEONI are firms favourites with various online tastemakers and play listers alike.

The new single showcases rich, scathing vocals and reverb washed background vocals. With supersonic wave hits arriving without anticipation adding a mesmerising impact.

Sporadic tempo switches keep the listeners on their toes not knowing just what to expect next. “I’m calling in the cavalry…this is a Mutiny” rings out as the heavy bass kicks in.

There are some really clever production decisions made on this one, that not only serve to compliment the vocal arrangements but to add even more depth and feeling to the narrative of the record. NEONI have the inept ability to make you feel invincible, letting you live out your very own Superhero fantasy, every single time you press play.

With a full body of work on the horizon for the NEONI sisters, things are looking very exciting for them and we can’t wait to hear what comes next.

Mutiny is about rejecting people’s definition of you. It’s about breaking the status quo, making your own rules, finding your own way and refusing to let anyone limit you. It’s about shattering the mold and doing all the things they said you couldn’t with a smile on your face” – NEONI

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