Indie newcomer Hongza stuns in debut alt-pop EP, GEN Z

Following on from the success of the smooth, angsty bop ‘Dream, Sleep, Eat’, British-Vietnamese bedroom producer Hongza returns to unveil his long-awaited debut EP, GEN Z.

An exceptional songwriter and multi-faceted artist, Hongza oozes cool from every pore, with his talents spanning from music production and marketing, to fashion and the modern-day online enigma that is Tik-Tok. Having seen his popularity on the youth-centred app skyrocket in recent months, paving the way for his influencer career, it’s clear to see that Hongza’s got his finger on the pulse of Gen-Z affairs.

It’s no surprise then that the upcoming artist’s debut album is named after the generation of the moment and tackles the issues that many within that cohort face in their daily lives. Covering everything from toxic social media culture (‘Accolades’), online dating cycles (‘Dream Sleep Eat’), break-up recovery, falling in love (‘Cure Me’) and being comfortable with your identity and ethnicity ‘(Identity Crisis’), Hongza’s starting project is a perfect reflection of the trials and tribulations faced by him and his peers.

Approached with a summery, shoegaze, dream-pop style,the EP features something for everyone as Hongza’s incredibly relatable, easy-going songwriting comes to life across 4 masterfully curated tracks, drenched in nostalgic hazy beats and vibrant electronic guitars. GEN-Z is a fantastic piece of work by Hongza and a unique and exciting offering that will go down as a soundtrack to a generation.

Listen to Hongza – GEN Z


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