Mickey Valen X Neverwaves drop the fiery ‘Fumes’

American based, extraordinarily talented producer Mickey Valen has enlisted the capable vocals of Neverwave on his first 2021 release, the fiery and utterly explosive ‘Fumes’.

Effortlessly catchy from the get go, this tune offers a slightly more alternative feel, overflowing with guitar-led verses and gritty, rock inducing riffs. The grunge infused, stand out vocals of Neverwaves helps to bring a new flavour to the track and showcases yet again Neverwaves seamless ability to join forces with a sheer multitude of artists, no matter the genre. ‘Fumes’ is a shinning example of such a unexpected, yet winning collab.

The production on this track truly captures your attention in the first few seconds, building layer by expertly laid layer it’s clear to see how Mickey boasts an impressive 200 Milllion streams combined so far.

We can’t wait to hear more from Mickey Valen as he continues to turn heads AND ears.

“Fumes is a song about being in denial. It’s about warping reality into something it isn’t. You hold onto each other for dear life, trying not to think about the fact that in the end, the relationship won’t last. You run on fumes for so long that you lose all sense of yourselves” – Neverwaves

Follow Mickey Valen on Instagram.

Follow Neverwaves on Instagram.

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