Synth-pop duo Dady are back with ‘Dark Mode’

Following a brief musical hiatus, New York synth-pop duo Dady are back with their latest, pared back offering, ‘Dark Mode’.

Made up of childhood ‘frenemies’ Rachel Dady and Jesse O’Connor, Dady joined forces as a group later on in life following several years of friendly rivalry in middle school where the two musicians would often butt heads. However, since moving to New York, the Virginia natives soon struck a close musical bond which has carried them through from their debut single, aptly named ‘Friends’ released in 2017, right up till now.

Oozing with a confident simplicity that only the most seasoned and in sync bands are able to deliver, ‘Dark Mode’ is punctuated with plenty of gorgeous guitar motifs that will have you captivated from the very beginning, not to mention Rachel’s a dreamy vocal performance which gives the track an ethereal, almost shoegaze-like feel. It’s a step away from the band’s usual sound but it’s a welcomed change, proving the two to be a versatile act with plenty more to offer.

Listen to Dady – Dark Mode


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