Ghanaian-Swedish artist Aurelia Dey brings the dancehall and afrobeat heat in ‘Huntress’

Bringing that much need heat this Friday, we have Ghanaian-Swedish artist Aurelia Dey and her brand new single ‘Huntress’. This one will make you want to get up and dance from the outset thanks to that feelgood mix of dancehall and afrobeat that joins Dey’s confident vocals.

‘Huntress’ is all about empowerment and norm-breaking stereotypes, especially as an anthem for black women, with a strong upfront message about being brave and ambitious. This depiction of womanhood is personified as the huntress and in that way this track is almost spiritual, connecting us with the strong survivors found deep within our past – and that goes for men too!

If you’re vibing with this track, be sure to go check out Aurelia Dey’s other work, like hotly-tipped track ‘Rising’.

“Yes, you can call me Katniss or Xena warrior princess, if you don’t come over here, I will hunt you down with the spear, grown woman have no fear.” – Aurelia Dey (lyrics)

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