Chatterbox: Liam Back

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m sort of day dreamer stuck in a loop, to be honest. Referring to where i am right now. just when i think i’m through with something, an urge to constantly create, comes crawling out of nowhere. Maybe that’s why i feel at ease doing a thousand things at once. At the moment i work in an Office as a Graphic Assistant/Photographer in Hamburg, GER. I’m trying to push more Studio time though, as i´ve been slacking the last couple of years, wasting time on things that have to pay the rent. My parents settled here in Germany years ago. 

My Dad being from the UK/Ireland and my Mum half Welsh/German, made it natural for me and my brother getting brought up Bilingual. But believe me, these are two completely different cultures. In England, i was seen as a german and in Germany, i was the Britkid. This is why i began to feel like an inbetweener from a very young age. i never felt at home either in the UK or Germany. Even though i’m much comfortable with the English language, i prefer Hamburg as my base and the rest of the world to be my exploration.

Where did the new single come from?

Well “Producing” really came from the idea of not relying on another producer to fuck my shit up. After my first rap gig at the age of 14, i started writing a lot of crap, desperately wanting to become a gangster rapper, with no idea of producing what so ever. Years later, when i had the opportunity recording an Ep/Album with other producers, i was over the moon. Until i came to the point where i wanted more control over the arrangement etc. People like Madlib or The Alchemist inspired me to do both, so i took matters into my own hands. 

Started saving up for gear/learning the do. Once the years went by and i lost myself in the midst of melodies and percussions. Those long nights tweaking kicks and snares made me pay less attention to lyrics. It felt as though words could never get to that vibration of what a simple sound is capable of. I’m also starting to learn the bass guitar at the moment, so after i practiced/played to the beat, i got a nostalgic feel. it made me reminisce a little. I started to mess around with words in my head, until i got a concept going. The subject had to do with; „youth“ nowadays and how it felt like a glass of Ribena to me. 

Sugared and diluted the shit out of any type of experiences you could possibly have. Even damn decisions aren’t made by them anymore, they are put there by other people. Constantly under a lot of pressure. Anxiety levels never heard before. There’s no room for failure but this generation seems to fail brilliantly. No time to take a step back out of this complex system because they are simply born into it. I can relate to this subject yet also stand as an outsider. I take it as if i’m talking to myself, 17 years ago. So i ignored the dust on my mic, hit record and just spat out what was bugging me. i felt good again, it was like therapy.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Yes, there’s a lot of unfinished projects lying around just waiting to be polished and uploaded. I have a couple of genres I’m trying out right now too. Some Funk tunes and some more in an Indie Pop direction. Repetition is one thing i don’t want to be in when I’m making music. It’s bad enough, i have a routine from monday to friday. Producing the same shit month after month would just kill me.

When it comes to rhyming, i get mad as soon as i vibe to a uk grime track. I’ve just forgotten the origin of inspiration along the way. Now I’m craving the taste for more, so who knows might get into a bit of grime rap tracks soon. I guess i just need an emotional boiler to get me started. I’m not thirty yet so i still have a little time. That’s my inner ultimatum for banging out a potential rap album.

What’s on the horizon for you?

I get a kick out of producing visuals, so combining these assets with music production is something i want to do more of. To produce for a short film would be sweet. My horizon also tells me i´ll hopefully have more time for producing and collaborating.Because i’d like to work on a concept together with other artists for a miniature tour in the future sometime. Other than that I’m constantly learning new ways of approaching these so called goals. Makes things a lot more interesting. So i actually haven’t got a clue what’s next.

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