Satin Jackets team up with Panama for latest collab ‘Electric Blue’.

Formed in 2012 Satin Jackets is the ideation of German producer Tim Bernhardt. Having been actively successful through the 90s to 00s producing house music, Tim launched Satin Jackets to be able to explore his love of disco. Residing in one of Germany’s ancient forests, Tim is producing music that embodies the glitzy glamour of 1970s Manhattan, creatively updated for the modern day listener.

Teaming up for the second time, ‘Electric Blue’ is the newest collaboration with electronic musical project Panama Music by Aussie songwriter and producer Jarrah McCleary.

Satin Jackets silky synths partnered with Panamas dreamy melodies makes ‘Electric Blue’ the blissed out anthem that romanticise’s long, late night drives with this tune sitting perfectly as the backdrop.

“Working with Jarrah on ‘Automatic’ was a real pleasure and right away we both knew that we’d want to work with each other again. Luckily, as it happens, we didn’t have to wait too long! I always say that work on the next album starts the minute the last one was released and I’d already had some ideas that I thought would suit Jarrah. We quickly realised we had something here and in the end ‘Electric Blue’ was one of those tracks where everything clicked and it just came together really quickly.” – Satin Jackets

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