Chatterbox: Tillae

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.
Tillae is a duo of bedroom producers, set out to introduce the sentimental pop genre to the world. To be as brief as possible, sentimental pop is exactly what it sounds like – sentimental pop music based on nostalgic feelings for things/places/people, usually the ones you’ve never actually seen/been to/met before. I guess people might argue that it’s not really ‘pop’, yet we don’t see pop only as the things you hear on the radio or see on the billboard charts. For us, pop also has this ease and clarity to it that we’d like to build our music around.
Where did the new single come from?
Lay Down (II) is the first single of a debut project titled ‘Late Night Grocery Shopping’ (we cannot call it an EP, we don’t want to call it an album, a mixtape would be something that’s about right, but you can simply name it a ‘project’ as well, no worries). The sound itself is supposed to resemble the music/sound you hear when you’re in a shopping mall or a grocery store late at night and there’s almost no one there, only the music echoes all around the place.
Is there more content in the pipeline?
There’s a whole finished 11-track project called “Late Night Grocery Shopping”. We’re planning on dropping it in a song-by-song manner, we’ll see how it goes!
What’s on the horizon for you?
We would love to keep all the personal details on the low for now, at least until the whole project drops. We’d love to leave as much space as possible for journalists and writers to express their own unique opinions and feelings on the music. We have some new exciting things in the making right now, so we’ll see where it all gets us.

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