Chatterbox: Julian Jasper

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

I grew up in San Diego, am now living in LA to finish school, and have been making bedroom recordings for the past four years (more or less). 

Where did the new single come from?

This is kind of funny, but “2am, Chinatown” came from this pho place in Chinatown that I love. After I had come up with the bass line it was one of those songs that basically wrote itself; it sort of came out of nowhere.

I had been struggling to come up with a title for it though, and it felt like the perfect noir-y soundtrack to all the late nights I had gotten pho and driven back by myself through an empty Chinatown. 

Is there more content in the pipeline?

I have a full album’s worth of material that I feel pretty good about, but no plans to release anything (yet). 

What’s on the horizon for you?

Hopefully start playing some shows, I just need a keyboard player! 

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