Playlist: BiLLLy – REALIFE

A special little feature here for you. Our super talented friend BiLLLy has put together a playlist for Purple Melon, a round-up of his favourite tunes old and new. Here’s what he has to say on his selections: 

“In a time when music production has become so easily accessible, artists now have the capacity to communicate their work more directly and creatively making the process so much more genuine and consequently, the music more exciting.

The tech revolution has influenced sound so drastically and challenged the meaning of music in many ways for the better. The pursuit of a polished hifi sound has now gone full circle with many listeners considering the texture, character, soul and feel to be most important.

Meaningful songwriting and progressive production are the things I look for in new music. Hopefully REALIFE will converse that passion to my fans as many of these tunes contribute to my own inspirations.”

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