Flosstradamus unveils new NFT the ‘Genesis Experience’

Curt Cameruci aka Flosstradamus has created and now revealed the worlds first ‘smokeable’ NFT. Released rather aptly on 4/20 at a price of, yes, you guessed it $4.20, this NFT is one that is accessible to all fans. Collaborating with multimedia production company Blunt Action and incorporating the modern technology of portable vaporiser pens, the ‘Genesis Experience’ is truly a unique and unexpected new offering from the DJ & Musician who is listed as one the pioneers of Trap music.

Clearly keeping up with the ever changing industry, this latest release blurs the lines between reality and NFT’s. A hybrid audiovisual art piece that fans can own both digitally and physically, it’s encrypted with hidden features and the interactivity alone allows buyers to become a part of the experience itself. The next section of the release is the 3/3 collection minted on the Ethereum which comes equipped with a digital visual asset paralleled with a HDYNATION Electronic Vape.

Truly a one off experience and continuing his pioneer nature, Flosstradamus has blended the more physical, traditional style merch with the technological new age of NFT’s.

Check it out for yourself right here.

“This is an experience, when I first learned about NFTs it almost seemed like the borders of creativity were open again. I was in an era with music and art where I started to feel boxed in and when the NFT space started to open up it felt like I could do anything and the possibilities were endless. I wanted to push the boundaries of the NFT and lead by example of how we can expand this area” – Flosstradamus

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