Felukah celebrates the achievements of Women of Colour in her latest music video for ‘What She Does’

Egyptian hip-hop and neo-soul artist Felukah drops her latest, female-empowering new music video for her hit, ‘What She Does’, a beautiful melting-pot of style and sound inspired by her duel Arabic and Western heritage.

Originally put out on International Women’s Day, ‘What She Does’ was written by Felukah as a love letter to women, specifically black and brown women across the globe, highlighting a number of artists, entrepreneurs and trailblazers from New York City who are all featured in her self-directed music video.

Working with producers Mostafa Zaghloul and Isaac Sleator, the track rides on reversed synth-samples and 808s. Felukah’s repeated hook is incredibly catchy and almost hypnotic, with pure electric piano chords creating a lush soundscape above hi-hat and snares. As a more hip-hop focused beat it is a fresh take for her, with a cadence inspired by Roy Woods’ hit ‘Drama’.

Bouncy, laid-back and rhythmic, Felukah’s ‘What She Does’ is an irresistible, earworm tune with uplifting lyrics and and an addictive melody that is sure to remain your head long after the last note.

Listen to Felukah – What She Does


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