Idol…Paper Idol delivers the dangerously dance infused ‘James Bond’

Fast paced and thrilling, Idol…Paper Idol has returned with a bright, bouncy, boogie inducing little number, in the form of brand new single ‘James Bond’. Shaken not stirred, this tune is bound to get you movin’ and a groovin’, decorated with thematic hints and lyricism, it’s quirky, fun and extremely clever. Only a seasoned and truly talented artist would dare tackle such a task and Paper Idol delivers with ease, flair and a suaveness one could liken to 007 himself. Funky, fresh and ever so catchy, ‘James Bond’ is certified to get those toes tapping, hips shaking and secure smiles all round.

Aptly naming it ‘Delusional Pop‘, Paper Idol continues to delight with his surreal storytelling of confusion and mania, dapperly done up in his signature blend of Electronic Indie. With a knack for making music that acts as a form of escapism, more delightful tunes are stacked on the horizon with Paper Idols new EP ‘Mania Days‘ heading to a streaming service near you on June 25th.

“James Bond is the third chapter of the story in my upcoming EP, Mania Days. It’s a dark comedy about a musician who’s mistaken for a spy and captured by a bloodthirsty double agent. The James Bond films have so many ridiculous tropes, so it was fun to pull apart the story and turn it on its head” – Paper Idol

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