‘In Europe, Kinda Sad’ is the new track from Maxwell Byrne’s house project 1tbsp

Brisbane’s Maxwell Byrne is a man known by many names. Golden Vessel, one third of Lucky Idiot, and now 1 tbsp. Each project becomes a space for Byrne to explore different genres and approaches to music-making, with the latest moniker from this Australian experimenter centering around house.

‘In Europe, Kinda Sad’ takes the hypnogogic experience of visiting Berlin’s internationally acclaimed Berghain or London’s heritage site Fabric or the mystic realm of Croatia’s Hideout Festival, and concentrates that into five minutes of forty seconds of non-stop movement. It’s a piece of escapism that’s essential for all traveller’s at heart who would in other times be first in line for all live music experiences.

The hedonistic beats and elevated house loops tell another story too; that being, what goes up must come down. Even during those moments of carpe diem bliss, we can find ourselves feeling “kinda sad” as Byrne puts it, so we drown our sorrows in modernism EDM.

‘In Europe, Kinda Sad’ is the first single lifted from 1tbsp’s debut EP.

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