Watch Toby&Pip’s heartwarming video for their adorable new single, ‘Little Lady’

Husband and wife folk-pop duo Toby&Pip have released their adorable new single, ‘Little Lady’. Written as a tribute to their daughter, Josie, ‘Little Lady’ narrates the monumental joys and incomparable pride of being a first time parent.

Homemade with love, the music video to ‘Little Lady’ was digitally collaged together with Toby’s extensive catalogue of photos of his baby girl. Having taken it upon himself to record one second of his daughter’s life every day since she was born, Toby unwittingly created the perfect music video to Josie’s future tribute song.

Toby&Pip – Little Lady.

Toby&Pip both chose their favourite clips for the ‘Little Lady’ video, maintaining chronological order, so we Josie on day one as a newborn baby, growing up, learning to walk, talk and run, all the way up to the date of the single’s release. Two-and-a-half years of her life in two-and-a-half minutes, this feel-good video captures some of the joys of parenting and being part of a child’s early years.

Simple, sincere and heartfelt, ‘Little Lady’ is a beautifully written and composed tribute to a very special little girl. Combining their shared musical talents, Pip’s classically trained background and Toby’s singer-songwriter experience, the pair of musicians have created a timeless, endearing and inspiring piece of music, you just can’t help but love.

Listen to Toby&Pip – Little Lady

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