InHibit unleashes fiery new riff-heavy rock belter, ‘Settings’

Anglo-Belgian electro-rock artist InHibit returns with a fiery, new riff-heavy rock belter, ‘Settings’. A qualified lawyer and ex-racing car driver a singer, a songwriter, pianist and composer, Noah Roovers is a walking enigma and his music is just as unconventional as he is. Taken from his upcoming debut EP, ‘Settings’, InHibit draws you into his world with thought-provoking narratives and ear-twisting melodies.

“It’s a song about the way we chain ourselves and the way we are chained (by others and by society).  It’s something quite abstract, it’s a very personal song.”

Comprised of electrifying guitar riffs, pounding percussive beats and exhilarating drops, ‘Settings’ takes you on a wild and wacky journey through InHibit’s mind. Musically touching on the guitars and vocals of the late 90s alt-rock scene but also incorporating blasts of electronic sound from the 80s and the present day, InHibit is looking to bring both his deep lyrical content and themes which challenge our views to a worldwide audience. With an EP set to be released early this year,  InHibit is looking to establish himself as one of the most challenging new acts to emerge from Europe and we’re looking forward to see what he comes up with next.

Listen to InHibit – ‘Settings’ here


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