PREMIERE: Edwin Rosen marks anniversary of debut with double track release & video for ‘Leichter//kälter’ & ‘SSS’.

German artist Edwin Rosen quietly entered the musical cosmos on January the 20th 2020. He independently released his debut single ‘Leichter//kälter’ and that was it, no promotion, no marketing, no label. Fast forward to now and exactly 12 months later, the young artist sits at a confident 1 million views which is steadily and continuously rising on this, his inaugural release. To mark the occasion and to start the new year with a bang he is re releasing the original single ‘Leichter//kälter’ as a 2-track with a B-side called ‘SSS’ via Berlin indie label IRRSINN, which is home to fellow artists Annen May Kantereit and Giant Rooks.

Alongside this double track release, Edwin also gifts us with a video created under the direction of French director Nicolas Medy which offers a visual insight into ‘Leichter//kälter’ and a new perception of the song itself.

‘Neueneue deutsche welle’ is the self-made genre Edwin uses to classify his unique brand of 80s-inspired new wave/post punk, which evokes similarities to that of Joy Division, Boy Harsher and Molchat Doma. This genre neologism is the only information that can be found in his Spotify biography as Edwin remains ever present, yet guised in an air of mystery, soon to be unfolded. Together with the already available ‘Die Sonne in deinem Fenster’ and ‘1119’, the single ‘leichter//kälter’ marks for the beginnings of a first EP, one of which we simply cannot get enough of.

Watch the unseen video here first on Purple Melon:

“When I first uploaded «leichter// kälter», I didn’t expect much and didn’t really promote the song and therefore didn’t film a video either. But then I was contacted by the Parisian experimental filmmaker Nicolas Medy. Nicolas was a fan of the song and wanted to ask me if he could use my song in his upcoming short «Nuit de Chine». I agreed and in exchange he cut the lyric video for «leichter//kälter» from footage from his archive, since filming was made rather difficult through the ongoing pandemic. «J’ai le nez dans le guidon» is Nicolas‘ theme for the video. His recordings help to underline the feeling of nostalgia and melancholia that the song also conveys.” – Edwin Rosen

Follow Edwin on Instagram here.

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