Introducing: Newcomer indie-pop band Galactic Dust drop hot & saucy new single, ‘The Pizza Song’

Hailing from the streets of North London, Noam (lead singer), Alfie (guitar and production), and Mattia (bass) make up the trio of musicians that are Galactic Dust, the newest out-of-this-world, DIY-indie band you absolutely need to have on your radar.

Creating pretty much all their music in-house (no literally, inside their house), the band are in full control of their creative vision; writing, recording, producing and even mixing everything themselves, with only the mastering being outsourced. The band derived their name from that delightful ‘sparkly’ sound and feeling that their songs and production emanate.

“We wanted a name that would evoke something strong visually and sonically.  In the early days of the band when we were writing and rehearsing our first songs together, Alfie’s signature sonic had a unique ‘sparkling’ sound to it. That was the initial inspiration for the name that we think opens many  possibilities, as anything, whether it’s big or small, near or far, good or bad,  referred to all as… Galactic Dust.”

– Noam, Alfie & Mattia.

Galactic Dust have been writing and performing together since 2018, borrowing sounds from 90s era Rnb, hip-hop and pop and merging them with wider musical influences, ranging from psychedelic rock to Afrobeats, into their own music. The eclectic sounds of Alfie, Noam and Mattia are the meeting point between classic, soulful vocals, french-touch beats, disco bass riffs and effervescent guitar grooves. Making their streaming debut in 2020 with ‘Disco Dust‘, a fresh and funky disco number with a deep, grooving bassline, the tasty trio are now ready to deliver their latest saucy new single, ‘The Pizza Song’ hot and fresh to your door.

Drizzled in electric piano chords, slathered with succulently soulful vocals and paired with a sprinkling of shimmering synths, ‘The Pizza Song’ is a delicious slice of contemporary, indie, electro-pop that, on the outside, looks like a cheesy song about wanting some pizza, but is actually a skillfully written track that cleverly and lightheartedly tackles themes of female body image, empowerment and sex.

Galactic Dust – The Pizza Song

Revealing the meaning and message behind ‘The Pizza Song’ and music video, Galactic Dust explains:

“’The Pizza Song’ is a track that melts humour with seriousness and self-derision with empowerment. It presents Noam in a leading role with sexy and liberating lyrics.  She appropriates codes of seduction, explicitly expressing her desires, pleasures and weaknesses with no filter. The point of the song is to give Noam a voice that is not often offered to many female artists in popular music.

‘The Pizza Song’ is fun, sexy, genuine, unapologetic and in-charge and Noam is the sassy frontwoman at the helm of it all, telling the boys what to do and defining the relationship in the way she wants to, with confidence, elegance, style and humour. The music video reflects our [Galactic Dust’s] will to disrupt the usual imagery attached to women in pop culture. The barrier between male and female representation is broken down in the video as the male band members are given traditionally feminine roles, supporting and backing their front-lady. The ‘pizza bath’ scene especially offers a vignette of us all and how we juxtapose sexual magnetism with humour and personality.”

Tasty and talented, the sparkling, bubbly and vivacious tunes of Noam, Alfie and Mattia are a refreshing new take on what pop music can and should be. Remaining true to themselves and their sound always, Galactic Dust’s ‘The Pizza Song’ is catchy, fun and relatable and we can’t wait to hear what they cook up next.

Listen to ‘The Pizza Song’ here:


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