Anja Kotar is feeling the lock-down blues in her latest single, ‘Alone Together’

Singer and songwriter Anja Kotar has returner with her latest lock-down single, ‘Alone Together’. Based in the sunny city of San José, California, Kotar is best known for her sunshine-y’ brand of pop that combines candid, current and relatable lyricism with whimsical pop beats and tuneful and cheery pop infusions. Her latest offering is of no exception, filled to the brim with warm and welcoming melodies and playful production

‘Alone Together’ perfectly encapsulates the emotions we have all experienced throughout quarantine; the desire to go outside, visit friends and the endless gazing out of your bedroom window, envisioning better times. Introduced by gentle piano chords and shimmering synth lines, Kotar’s delicate, comforting voice eases into the track as she sings about the monotony of daily life and the feeling of time standing still all around you.

Speaking on her release, Anja Kotar reveals:

“‘Alone Together’ helps me reflect on my life of the past year and is the soundtrack to my cry dance parties in my bedroom so I truly hope it speaks to people and their lockdown experiences”


‘Alone Together’ is yet another wonderful release from the upcoming pop songstress who has spent the past twelve months releasing a string of highly successful and well-received quarantine singles including ‘Simple‘, ‘Tuscany‘ and ‘Woo!‘ which will combine to form her debut, compilation EP, ‘Songs from Isolation’.

Listen to Anja Kotar – Alone Together


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