Introducing: FOXLOVE

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, I am a South African transplant, living here in Los Angeles. I was born in Johannesburg and lived there till I graduated High School. I am a proud Ginger, (soul still intact), sunscreen enthusiast and music producer. I grew up playing in bands as a drummer but was tired of always relying on other musicians who didn’t seem as committed as I was. I worked on a management team for Artists for a while in NYC but it wasn’t fulfilling enough- I NEEDED to be creative.

I realized that the only way I could make music was if I could rely on myself. I bought my first DAW (Ableton) in 2016, watched 10 million youtube videos, did a short course at Garnish Music Production School, pulled my hair out a bunch of times and alas, here I am (hair grew back, lol). I ultimately fell in love with production and am sooo happy that I decided to go this route.  I have always written songs (mostly lyrics) and to see them come to life and hear people singing them, is so rewarding and fulfilling. It is the best natural high you can ever experience, in my opinion. I spend most of my days messing around on my keyboard until I find a riff I like, record it into a midi track and work around that. I love creating vibey african drum beats and incorporating those into my music.

Where did the new single come from?

I had just met a guy I really liked and his Facebook cover photo at the time was: “Write me a song, give me something to believe in”. So I thought… OK I WILL WRITE YOU A SONG! Haha. I tried writing a sappy love song but it just wasn’t flowing so I decided to write whatever came to mind and thats how Evil came about. The idea behind the song is that when someone seems too good to be true, you start questioning whether they are genuine or not and if there is something they are not revealing to you. So the main lyric is “Boy, you so damn cute you must be Evil”; which pretty much means, in simpler words, I don’t trust that you are this perfect, what are you hiding? Fun Fact: The hands on the single cover are actually the hands of the guy this song is about haha.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

YES! There is plenty more on the way. I am collaborating with a lot of dope artists which I am really excited about!

Whats on the horizon for you?

I am excited for the future! When I first started this project, I think there were a lot of people who doubted me. Now that Evil has come out, more and more people have reached out to work with me, which was ultimately the goal. I love that Evil is 100% FOXLOVE but I am sooo excited to collaborate with new vocalists to really bring my productions to next level. I have been waiting for a very long time to let the world see what I was capable of, and I am very proud of my first single. 

Stream the new single via Spotify.


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