Chatterbox: Marlee Quirarte

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself. 

I’m originally from Kansas City, Missouri. I didn’t have any serious, classical vocal training growing up. I think mostly I had a big imagination, loved to dance and sing and felt it was something I needed to share with the world. I studied my favorites artists beginning at a young age not realizing exactly that that was what I was doing, I learned a lot that way, just making up my own dances in my room and singing to my favorite artists discs in my CD player. I really think it was the most effective way to learn. 

Where did the new single come from?

The new single came from a “true” place. Truth, I think is something I live by. I think it comes from a place of integrity for myself- and that I choose to live my life truthfully and unapologetically myself. But it’s also something I’ve struggled with in life In the past year. Trusting the truth and the integrity of others- in an intimate relationship, in friendships, and in life.. and accepting what is. So I was very inspired.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

My EP “When I’m Alone” is on its way to release very soon! I’m really working on building a local draw- so I’m looking forward to sharing such a personal story with the world and spreading it starting here in LA. 

What’s on the horizon for you?

Definitely releasing the new content, and nailing my live performances. I’ve recently felt so incredibly inspired by my favorite artists- Prince, Selena, Aaliyah, etc- I’ve been really studying their live sets and am working very hard to develop a vision on stage and bring it to life. That’s my main goal right now.

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