Listen to Nic Snow’s latest, heartfelt pop single, ‘Invisible Girl’

Pennsylvania-raised Rnb and pop artist Nic Snow returns with his latest heartfelt and introspective pop single, ‘Invisible Girl’. A graduate of some of Delaware’s most prestigious music institutions, Nic Snow’s creations draw listeners into his world with intimate narratives and impassioned harmonic hooks.

Nic Snow.

Over off-kilter beats, shimmering chimes and distorted synth lines, Nic Snow’s honey-like vocals tell the tale of a love lost and his journey to retrieving his self-worth and sense of identity. Throughout ‘Invisible Girl’ his RnB-fused vocals articulate lyrics that are gentle and heartfelt whilst the rhythmic, jaunty pop beat adds a welcomed playfulness to the melody. Filling each release with rich storytelling and soulful vocals, Nic Snow continues to refine his craft with every project.

Look out for Nic Snow’s soon to be released LP, Alone.


“‘Invisible Girl’ is about reclaiming your individuality after a break up”

Nic Snow.

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