The Antipøp Mvmnt cover The Cranberries’, ‘No Need to Argue’

Multi-faceted singer and songwriter Ophelia X is the voice and soul behind the artist project, The Antipøp Mvmnt. Following the resounding success of her debut album Love Me, The Antipøp Mvmnt return to the spotlight with a stunning cover of The Cranberries’ single, ‘No Need to Argue’ (NNTA). Characterising her sound as dark-pop, she effortlessly reimagines an intimate and emotive reprisal of an already brilliant piece of music, taking influences from the band’s catalogue for inspiration.

Ophelia X // The Antipøp Mvmnt

Over impactful and dominating piano chords, shimmering synth lines and subtly distorted vocals, The Antipøp Mvmnt emanates raw, unbridled emotion as she intimately and soulfully retells The Cranberries’ original and timeless lyrics. Verses decorated with distant echoes fade in and out of earshot, intertwining briefly with lingering piano notes to create a euphoric soundscape that pays homage to The Cranberries’ entire discography, and especially to Dolores O’Riordan on the anniversary of her death.

Listen to The Antipøp Mvmnt – No Need to Argue

The Antipøp Mvmnt – ‘No Need to Argue’
(The Cranberries Cover)

“Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries is one of my greatest idols. She is the reason I started writing my own songs. I can’t think of records that I had on repeat more than the Cranberries as a 90’s teen. She was with me for literally every heartbreak and every time I listen to their music I am taken back to a montage of my teenage and young adult self. When she passed it felt like heartbreak. I wanted to do something to honor her this year, to pay respect. The cover actually contains 7 of their songs within the song … I’m curious if folks can pick them out – some are very obvious and some very subtle.”

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