Mulay plays the villain in her latest music video for ANTRACYTE

Ushering in the new year with the release of her third teaser music video in the run up to her debut EP; singer-songwriter, producer and vocalist, Mulay is off to a strong start by the looks and sounds of her latest single, ‘ANTRACYTE’.

The track follows on from a string of stunning, alternative R&B jams from the upcoming, Berlin-based talent including ‘Shame‘ and ‘Medusa‘ which were both released mid-late last year to incredible praise from tastemakers such as  Clash, Colors, Girls Are Awesome, and Acid Stag. Ever since her debut as a feature artist alongside Tender Games (‘Flames‘) and Moglii (‘Indiigo‘), Mulay has gone from strength to strength, experimenting with soundscapes and production, songwriting and even fashion, garnering her a loyal and ever-expanding fanbase. Her cup of creativity runneth over and the visuals and songwriting in Mulay’s latest offering, the title track of her EP, are proof of just that.

Mulay – ‘ANTRACYTE’ Official Music Video

Known for tackling complex and candid themes in her songwriting, ‘ANTRACYTE’ sees Mulay play the villain as she explores that all too familiar feeling of knowing better but doing worse. Against a simple backdrop of acoustic piano chords and distant electronic synths, Mulay divulges the secrets of the innermost corners of her psyche as she softly sings:

“If you would know the color of my soul Would you look at me the same way that you do If you could clearly see the dark that I’m hiding in my heart How could you still feel the same love for me I wanna be true, but baby I won’t lose you, no I wanna be fair, but love ‘s a game that works with no rules When the truth is that I like the way it feels Baby you ‘re too good for me.”

Brooding, dark and sultry, the music video to ‘ANTRACYTE’ shows Mulay in a range of close-up and wide shots as she opens up about the web of lies she’s woven around those closest to her and the betrayal and deceit she’s caused; as she does, she begins to ‘come undone’. Making use of contemporary dance, Mulay illustrates the feeling of being broken when the truth finally comes to light and your loved ones then leave you in the dark. Mulay’s taste and talent for music production, songwriting, singing and fashion all culminate in the music video for ‘ANTRACYTE’ and make for a very exciting preview into what Mulay’s debut EP might hold.

Mulay’s debut EP ANTRACYTE will be released on January 29th, 2021 via Groenland Records.


“‘ANTRACYTE’ is the intro and title track to my debut EP. It’s the soundtrack to the birth of a villain and captures the moment of complete honesty to yourself about the awareness of doing wrong by the ones you love while feeling the inability to turn around. It’s about the desire to taste forbidden fruits, to cross and explore what lies beyond the line and the self-empowering feeling of playing by your own rules defeating the fear of consequences and the power of moral concepts.” 

“ANTRACYTE tells a story of contradicting emotions, a story of love, lust, pain and a longing for more. It’s about facing your own darkness and sins, about self-revelation, emancipation and about paying its price, resigning to your fate.”

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