Take a trip with Gallowayyys in his latest single, ‘Rolling’

Psychedelic-loving rapper, singer and producer, Gallowayyys returns with his latest kaleidoscopic creation, ‘ROLLING’. Raised in Houston, Texas, Gallowayyys is known for his dynamic, genre-bending creations that blend elements of hip-hop, pop, R&B and psychedelic rock to create rich and unusual soundscapes filled with colour, depth and texture, much like the trip that inspired his newest single.

They often say the best creative ideas come to you when you’re in the shower and that was most certainly the case for Gallowayyys. Drenched in deep, reverberating synth lines, scattered electronic drum beats and distorted, autotuned vocals, ‘ROLLING’ is a vibrant and complex tapestry of sound and emotion, woven with with warped synths and jolts of electronica.


‘Rolling’ is both a perfect demonstration of Gallowayyys’ ear for production and an authentic reflection of his adventurous, eccentric and untamable spirit. Speaking on his release, Gallowayyys shares that:

“[ROLLING] is a psychedelic song about an experience I had while tripping with loved ones.”

“At the end of the summer my friends and I booked an Airbnb in Galveston. There at the beach, under the stars, with the neon lights from Pleasure Pier in the background, I felt a deep connection to myself, my friends, and the earth. Ahead of the crew I went back and took a shower. As the warm rush of water ran across my face, I tuned into a frequency I hadn’t heard before. I felt an exhilarating wave of colors, love, and positivity enter my mind. ‘ROLLING’ embodies that feeling to me.

Listen to Gallowayyys ‘ROLLING’ here:


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