Maisie Gaffney’s Escapes EP covers five favourite hits

Maisie Gaffney is a Gloucester-based singer with a warm R&B-pop style with a soft soul undertow, a talent that kept her company throughout the first UK lockdown last year. Now that Britain is in its third wave of lockdown measures, perhaps this covers EP, titled Escapes, will give you some auditory relief from looking at the same four walls.

Photo credit: Khali Ackford

Gaffney dips into the pantheon of sing-a-long hits to put her own sultry, pain-backed twist of five well-worn songs. The EP begins big with a cover of Whitney Houston’s ‘How Will I Know’, moving onto Swedish House Mafia’s game-changing ‘Don’t You Child’ and then it’s a version of Blackstreet’s iconic ‘No Diggity’, which originally featured Dr. Dre and Queen Pen. Gaffney’s penultimate choice is modern classic ‘Passionfruit’ from the one and only Drake followed by closing cover of Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’.

“During lockdown it was so depressing and the only way I was able to escape that was to listen and create music in my own little bubble. I want everyone to feel the same through music.” 

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