MAUD teases the second single, ‘Baby Girl’ taken from her forthcoming studio album

Norwegian electro-pop producer, songwriter and vocalist MAUD (Kristine Hoff) unveils the third shiny, new single from her blossoming discography, ‘Baby Girl’. The track follows on from her debut, ‘Real‘ and her haunting sophomore single, ‘Bad Things‘, which was released late last year as a teaser to her first full-length project, receiving praise from the likes of Music Crowns, Chalkpit and  Whatthefunk. The track also landed MAUD on the cover for Deezer’s ‘New Electronic’ playlist.

Hoping to maintain her winning streak, MAUD offers fans yet another slightly sinister electro-pop number in the form of ‘Baby Girl’. Borrowing elements from ‘Bad Things’, ‘Baby Girl’ exhibits a similarly eerie vibe to its predecessor, combining a dark underbelly with ambiguous lyricism and distorted vocal effects but this time, with a much more experimental soundscape, characterised by electronic synths placed alongside impactful live drums and layered, atmospheric production .

MAUD/ Kristine Hoff

‘Baby Girl’ explores the anxieties of growth, adulthood and ultimately the struggle in finding a  sense of home again once you’ve moved away from your childhood roots. An introspective and retrospective second release, ‘Baby Girl’ vastly broadens the  scope of influences for MAUD’s upcoming debut, the song expands on the MAUD’s usual territory, demonstrating her growth, development and creativity as she venture into new musical territory, proving that there’re exciting times ahead for the Killing Moon Records signee and her ever-growing fanbase.


“Baby Girl is an ode to becoming an adult. These stages of life can be filled with a lot of uncertainty and restlessness,  because we don’t know yet who we are or who we’re going to be”. 


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