Introducing: Louis Samson takes a deep dive into himself on ‘Reflection’ and ‘Forever’

Louis Samson dropped his debut single ‘Reflection’ a few weeks ago. It’s a Brayton Bowman-esque piece of synth-pop with R&B melodies. The production is rhythmic and sparse, with flecks of Ben Khan, upbeat and energetic. By the time the hook rolls around, the track has really hit its stride; opening up into an expansive synth filled chorus.

The track has amassed upwards of 100,000 streams on Spotify and led Samson to release his second single ‘Forever’ a few days ago. It follows on from the sound that he laid out on ‘Reflection’ but opens up with a more laid-back beat; a Drake style instrumental that pops with each snare – rolling on the flecked guitar riff underneath.

If Samson keeps releasing music like these first two tracks then he’ll be everywhere in 2018. It’s catchy and effortlessly elegant in delivery.



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