Chatterbox: Sam Fischer tells us all about his red mullet, Getting Older and finding his sound.

Hey Sam, thanks for chatting to us – could you tell our readers something they might not otherwise find out about you?

Yo! Thanks for chatting with me! Something they might not otherwise find out is that up until the age of 7 I had a shoulder length, red, curly, mullet, and it was amazing. Perhaps due for a comeback?!

Definitely! I managed to catch part of your set at Hotel Cafe the other week whilst I was out in LA, did you enjoy that night?

No way! Thanks for coming out! It was an incredible night. The Monday Monday showcases at Hotel Café are such a great time always. This one was hosted by one of the most talented, bad-ass humans I have the privilege of working with, Jesse Thomas, and the line-up was all artists/writers I am such a huge fan of, so to be included that night was humbling and just awesome.


How did ‘Getting Older’ come about and how did it evolve in the studio?

‘Getting Older’ began as a trip to Starbucks before the start the session with my co-writers, Asia Whiteacre, Morgan Taylor Reid and Johan Fransson. Tried to help an injured bird sitting in the way of traffic, but it refused our help and instead struggled to fly away, but managed to get out of any danger. This moment got us thinking about our own lives and how we relate to this young, stubborn bird (literally me, af).

When we got back to the studio, Asia turns to us and says “you know, I always have this thought of, I can’t imagine Getting Older, so does that mean I’m going to die young” and the rest is history really. We live in such a youth-obsessed society, and so this song allowed us to put words to the feelings of Getting Older and being scared of the unknown, stressing out over shit that hasn’t happened yet and living with somewhat of an impending doom for NO good reason at all.

We wanted the chords to immediately feel familiar and classic, and for the song to be something that you can scream out into the darkness, releasing our unfounded fears of Getting Older and what that means. Life is so long, enjoy it while you can!

The Mahogany Session version is great, do you like playing stripped back?

Thank you! The Mahogany Sessions are such a dope crew, they absolutely nailed that video, so thankful to their whole team for making me look, sound and feel like a damn star. Playing ‘stripped back’ is just so much more personal to me. I think I’m able to have more freedom with the live performance and really get the messages of my songs across in a cool way. Every stripped show is different which is what I love about it.

Do you feel like you’ve found your sound this year?

If my sound and personality from all corners of my world could come together, it would be ‘Getting Older’. So yes, very confidently and truly unbelievably, I can say I have found my sound. I’m excited for what’s to come and where my sound will go, because I’m constantly pushing myself to find what else is inside, but for now and the foreseeable future, this is my sound and I fucking love it. Hopefully the world does too!

What can Sam Fischer fans look forward to in 2018?

MORE MUSIC! I’m so so keen for the release of my EP, titled ‘Not A Hobby’, on January 19! I hate that it took 550 days (lololol but for real it was insane) for me to put another song out after ‘Lean’. There were many factors that go into the reasoning behind why it took so long, but none of that is important now, because it’s all coming out. I never want to take that long between projects again! Also, more and more shows. You’ll be seeing me around in 2018 for sure.

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