Stockholm songstress Amanda Mair shows her songwriting maturity on new single Empty Blockings

Stockholm’s Amanda Mair burst onto the scene as a teenager in 2011, having released ‘House’. Since then the Swedish songstress has been growing as a songwriter and vocalist, as displayed on her new record ‘Empty Blockings’. The single is Scandinavian alt-pop at its best; subtle in its use of synths, there’s a laser-sharp focus on Mair’s effervescent vocal. There are flashes of MUNA and HAIM, with expansive chorus melodies and anthemic drum patterns.

“Writing songs can really be like therapy for me. Writing Empty Blockings was therapy for me. I wrote it when I realized that something you’ve loved and been attached to can have a negative impact on you. And that all the negative energy can touch you, before you even feel the pain of it. How the something slowly are taking over every cell of yours and you keep denying it and get blinded by the empty blockings you keep falling back to. You’re just hiding and running from the burden instead of accepting it.” – Amanda Mair


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