Take It Slow with singer-songwriter Katherine Evans

A perfectly positioned track here from Katherine Evans. ‘Take It Slow’ manages to walk the line between indie and electronic effortlessly. With a bouncy analog bass, some off kilter piano and glitchy sampled percussion, Evans has delivered an impressive single. Wide, fizzing synths enter the frame once the chorus rolls around – as do Petrie-esque pitched vocals. Most definitely one to watch.

“I wrote Take It Slow my second year of college, while sitting in an old practice room, thinking about a party I had gone to the night before. I was obsessed with figuring out why we party; why we long to get so far away from ourselves sometimes. I think there’s a beauty in escapism—in letting go and allowing ourselves to be wild, uncensored, and out of character for a night. I wanted to capture that feeling.”  – Katherine Evans



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