Skin is the stunning new single from Nashville-based songwriter Julianna Zachariou

All images by Caia Grace Matthews

Indie has taken a little bit of a backseat on Purple Melon recently; but occasionally a song comes along that can’t stay unwritten. Julianna Zachariou’s new single ‘Skin’ is that kind of track. The Nashville based singer/songwriter has crafted a a gorgeously sumptuous four minutes of melancholy.


Very rarely will a song do to me what Skin did at 1:08, shivers and joy. You can feel all the emotion that Julianna pours into her songs, a feather light vocal delivery feels like it will buckle under the pressure of the melody. This push and pull gives the record a real sense of rawness, a Beatles-esque fragile serenity.

“Skin is a song about my longing for the power to be in the moment as I battle with my own dislocating relationship anxiety. It is me watching myself and straining with all my might to get that person to feel love, to feel intimacy, and to feel safe in a relationship, but the more I try, the further away I feel. Musically, it follows the sort of same panicked arch I feel in those moments, where my thoughts and expectations and fears all begin to get mixed together towards an uncertain climax and all the lovely sparkles of being close to somebody begin to warp into something paralyzing. And the music halts, and my heart halts, and all my trying was for nothing because the person I want to love still feels like a stranger to me.” – Julianna



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