PREMIER: The Dead Daisies link up with Dance With The Dead for the epic remix of their newest single, ‘Holy Ground’

Starting the year off with a bang, The Dead Daisies reveal the epic remix to their original 80’s rock-inspired, headbanger of a tune, ‘Holy Ground’ (Shake the memory), released via Spitfire Music and now featuring sounds from the electronic-based duo (Justin Pointer and Tony Kim), Dance With The Dead who had previously collaborated with The Dead Daisies on their hit single ‘Unspoken‘.

Hoping to recreate their success once more, the two groups seamlessly blend their distinctly different musical genres and mutual love for impactful, speaker-blowing tunes into a high-energy, synth-led number that’s just begging to be performed to a screaming, live concert audience.

left: The Dead Daisies. right: Dance With The Dead 

Unlike their original release, the remix of The Dead Daisies’ ‘Holy Ground’ is less of an electric guitar-led, rock n’ roll ready number and more of an 80’s disco/ dance vibe, with elements of classic rock underpinning the sound via lead singer Glenn Hughes’ incredibly powerful and ear-catching vocals. Often referred to as “The Voice Of Rock”, Hughes effortlessly controls the melody whilst pounding, live drums keep the beat and time. However, it’s Dance With The Dead’s penchant for retro, analogue synthesizer s inspired by 80’s movies, music and games that really revolutionises the tracks sound.

Introduced by a gradually building synth lines and a deep, grooving bassline, ‘Holy Ground’ builds in both volume and suspense as Hughes’ backing vocals creep in, repeating the lyrics “deep inside of me, can’t shake the memory, it’s my liberty, can’t shake the memory” until his echoes are joined by rapid, electronic ‘clap’ sounds just before the beat drops and the song explodes into light and colour as the chorus begins. Not ones to let a good theme go to waste, the music video to ‘Holy Ground’ is the perfect accompaniment and visual representation of classic rock meets 80’s synths.

Holy Ground (Remix) Official Music Video

The visuals give off the feeling of being transported into a vintage arcade game as the viewer flies past stylised era-defining fonts, neon lights and vintage-style graphics. Blacked-out images of the bands are superimposed onto contrastingly colourful and abstract backdrops of beaches and mountains and cities surrounded by geometric shapes and rotating grids. The entire journey through the remix of ‘Holy Ground’ feels like a trip back through time straight to the 1980s; the era of big hair, iconic fashion & music and of course, the almighty reign of the Roland synthesizer which Dance With The Dead are known for.

By joining forces on the remix, The Dead Daisies revolutionised their high-voltage rock song with its indomitable grooves and spellbinding lyrics, into a dancefloor filler with a fun, disco/dance flare. A bold move for a band so well known for their hard-rock way of life, but it’s exactly The Dead Daisies willingness to take risks and experiment with their sound that has seen them constantly evolve and bring a new dynamic to a classic style, resulting in music that’s timeless and able to out-live the trends of the modern-day.

Listen to The Dead Daisies X Dance With The Dead – ‘Holy Ground’ (Remix)


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