DD Allen drops 80’s inspired synth-heavy track, ‘I See You In The Dark’

DD Allen returns to offer out his latest tune, ‘I See You In The Dark’. The English singer-songwriter is best known for his creativity and knack for blending genres and musical styles, this gift has led to much success for Allen, with highlights including supporting acclaimed artist James Blunt, as well as various UK and European tours alongside his journey so far.

Now, having found his sound as an artist, taking inspiration from 80’s synth pop and guitar-driven rock n’ roll, Allen’s latest work, ‘I See You In The Dark’ conjures memories of Ryan Adams with elements of Neil Young and Leon Russell. DD Allen’s is a voice that is both charismatic and powerful yet equally stirring. The melody of the track immediately shines through, illuminating the way for Allen’s heartfelt vocals with a powerful drum beat and hopelessly romantic lyricism, a signature trope of Allen’s songwriting.

Listening to ‘I See You In The Dark’, it’s no surprise DD Allen is so revered for his live performances, the song just begs to be performed live for the full effect of the live band and the raw, unfiltered vocals to fully come through. It’s easy to imagine the lyrics “you left too soon, I’ll be back someday” being sung back by countless crowds and venues once the live music scene gets back on its feet.

“Although I wrote I See You in the Dark about a broken romance, managing isolation, and the ‘yearning for what was and might be again… the narrative seems to have a wider context in today’s climate,” he claims. “People have lost a lot of the buzz that makes life so great. But we know it’ll all come back.”

DD Allen.


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