Besomorph joins forces with Behmer for the heavy bass remix of Linkin Park’s ‘What I’ve Done’ ft. Lunis.

Released via Virgin Records, German-based producer and DJ, Besomorph makes a return to the charts with the release of his latest single, composed alongside 18 year old Swedish beatmaker, Behmer and featuring vocals from Lunis, ‘What I’ve Done’.

The track, released today, is an intense and electrifying reimagining of the iconic rock single, originally by Linkin Park. The two producers turned the song on its head, stripping away all its classic rock sensibilities and injected the song with tonnes of bass, synths, artificial drum patterns and plenty of thrilling beat drops.

Speaking of the release, Besomorph explains:

“It was always a goal of my career to
cover my childhood idols Linkin Park. I felt that I needed to
convert the original into an uplifting dance anthem, give it a
fresh touch – in order to be able to reach out to the younger
generation and make the sound contemporary.”

Vocalised by Lunis, her gentle, soft-sounding singing voice lessens the intensity of the cover slightly in comparison to the original track but the production cleverly comes in to bolsters her performance with deep, dramatic basslines and flashing synths which replace all the necessary excitement and drama that were lost. Lunis comes in as the first sound heard on the record, closely followed by the keyboard bassline that underpins the whole track before building to a suspenseful and sudden drop accented by rhythmic drum patterns and distorted vocal effects.

By adhering to the original lyrics, penned by the band and the late great Chester Charles Bennington, Besomorph and Behmer maintained the same meaning and passion the original is so well known and loved for, but altered the mood of the track completely via their up-tempo, electronic production, taking ‘What I’ve Done’ from a sad-rock headbanger to an uplifting dance-floor filler.


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