Firesites reveals his highly anticipated, genre-bending debut album ‘The Sun’

Tom Waterworth, better known by his music name Firesites is the multi-instrumentalist and producer from Halifax (UK) whose steady been making waves in the industry, creating genre-bending sounds that combine classic rock with elements of synth-pop and glitchy electronic music. His previous releases of the year Chemicals/ Fool’s Spring and Passenger/ Ayhwih? were all met with a positive reception, leaving fans in high anticipation for the release of Firesites debut album.

The Sun is the latest full-length project from Tom Waterworth and boast 10 tracks worth of dynamic, off-the-wall and entirely original material. Inspired by dystopian and apocalyptic films, games and TV shows, The Sun is almost like a musical anthology, a collection of separate stories linked by an overarching theme and specific sound elements.

“I love apocalypse films and dystopian films and games and comics, and that whole premise. So it’s in this dystopian setting where these two people are trying to get away from something, like a sanctuary, and they’re trying to get outside of it to find the sun. It kind of links to that and uses it as a symbol for getting away from these things in real life. […] The whole album has these elements of radio-friendly pop music and then some heavier rock stuff and then some really glitchy electronic stuff, and I thought ‘Chemicals’ was a nice introduction to that as it’s got a few of those elements, but it’s definitely one of the more poppy ones.”

– Tom Waterworth / Firesites

Pulling from a wide range of music influences and conceptual inspirations, Firesites The Sun is an exciting debut for Tom Waterworth and a shining example of his creativity and versatility as a musician. His album spans from pop-infused numbers like ‘Chemicals‘, that are steeped in repeating synth lines and lo-fi style imperfections, and more acoustic, mellow vibes like those of Take, before the track bursts into a heavy rock chorus with screamo elements in between. There’s a little something for everybody in Firesites dystopian soundscape.

Stream Firesites ‘The Sun’ here


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