Heath240 is letting the haters talk on his latest single, ‘Chirp’ ft. Daniel Price.

Rising Boston-based musician and rapper Heath240 is letting the haters talk on his latest single, ‘Chirp’, featuring Daniel Price. A light-hearted track with up-beat delivery and darker undertones, ‘Chirp’ is a joyous blend of hip-hop and bedroom pop that perfectly shows of Heath240’s distinct sound, unwavering energy and ever-changing flows.

Produced by Stoic Beats, ‘Chirp’ is an uber-cool, laid-back offering introduced by drawn-out electric guitar strings and a heavy hip-hop beat, before being joined by Heath240’s softly distorted vocals. Heath240’s nonchalant, fluid rap low on ‘Chirp’ is a distinct feature and vaguely reminiscent of some of Asher Roth’s early work, just as the playful, storyteller-style lyricism he adopts is similar to that of classic Travie McCoy in his Gym Class Heroes prime.


Heath spent most of his time growing up in Jamaica Plain, MA. His name, Heath240, was created from his address, 240 Heath St., where he spent most of his time. He faced adversity at a young age when both his mentor and friend passed away. To get a fresh start, he transferred to a new school in the suburbs but was riddled with depression and anxiety. These feelings weighed heavily on him and he relied heavily on music for relief. It was during these times he realized that rapping was what he wanted to dedicate his life to because he wanted to help people like himself become more positive and self-confident.

‘Chirp’ is a direct result of this journey and the positive effects on his self-esteem and self-worth that moving away from his home town have afforded him. Now in a position where he’s able to brush off the hateful comments and judgemental eyes, Heath240 tells his haters to “chirp, chirp, chirp” as their words are now water off a duck’s back and encourages others to do the same. Co-signing Heath’s views on escaping to a new city, Daniel Price’s verse adds a welcomed, smooth, bedroom-pop element to close off the song with lo-fi vocals and subtly romantic lyricism.

Stream Heath240 ft. Daniel Price – ‘Chirp’ here:


Chirp is me reimaging my surroundings and getting away from Boston. Leaving the people who talk about you from your small town and getting lost/immersed in the big city!

– Heath240

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