Inspired by nature, lo-fi house producer Verdance shares ‘Ritual Two’

Inspired by art and nature, UK producer Verdance is set to drop his new EP, titled Rothko, on December 7th via our friends over at Stereofox Records. First up from the five-track record is ‘Ritual Two’, a luscious and laidback dance-friendly production that transports the mind to fresh green scenery. It’s a meditative listen, one that’s perfectly designed to calming our ever-anxious minds.

It’s lofi, it’s house, it’s garage; all blended and transformed to evoke the organic beauty of nature. Stick on ‘Ritual Two’ while you’re looking out at the rolling fields, the tended garden, even that little plant pot on your windowsill. Take the time to reconnect with nature.

“Like most of the works that I’ll be releasing in future, the track evokes imagery of green, lush environments, almost like an aural link to Mother Nature.” – Verdance via Twitter

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