Premiere: Irene Skylakaki unveils her latest single ‘Sutherland Avenue’ taken from her upcoming album ‘Souvenir’.

London-based musician Irene Skylakaki unveils her fourth offering of the year, her gorgeously minimalistic new folk single, ‘Sutherland Avenue’. The track follows on from three previously released singles,  ‘Souvenir’, ‘Mary Smiles’ & ‘Dreamy’ which have all received fantastic reception both in the UK and in Skylakaki’s home country of Greece.

As the first glimpse into Skylakaki’s upcoming album Souvenir, the singer-songwriter sets the tone for what fans can expect from her usual autobiographical lyricism and distinct and dreamy sonic landscapes in ‘Sutherland Avenue’.

Introduced by Skylakaki’s gentle, whisper-like vocals the song progresses quietly as her voice is joined by soft, barely-there synth chords and a simplistic, hand-beaten drum pattern.

In fact, the whole of ‘Sutherland Avenue’ has a beautifully organic, hand-crafted vibe to it, from Skylakaki’s angelic harmonies to the spaciousness of the composition and the choice of percussion. It gives the track an acoustic feel and if music could be classed as artisanal then Irene Skylakaki’s ‘Sutherland Avenue’ definitely fits that bill.

“I would prefer it if anyone who listens to ‘Sutherland Avenue’ connects with it through their own experiences. The lyrics to the song are quite self-explanatory and raw and after various tries, I insisted on keeping them as they are unsophisticated and honest.”

-Irene Sklakaki on ‘Sutherland Avenue’

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