Producer GOLDHOUSE remixes Gillian Heidi’s pop-R&B single ‘Desperate’

Anyone who has perused the pages of Purple Melon will know that we love Gillian Heidi. It all comes down to the young artist’s penchant for emotionally intelligent, yet radio-ready, pop and R&B songs as we heard with previous releases ‘Desperate’ and ‘Fray’.

The former of those songs is now back on our radar thanks to a remix treatment from Chicago-based electronic producer GOLDHOUSE, who has previously worked with Niall Horan, Zara Larsson, and Billie Eilish. The sixteen-year-old Boston native Gillian Heidi might not be up in those lofty echelons just yet, but her sounds wouldn’t be amiss in a playlist alongside those names.

Lead photo credit: Jenn Curtis

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