Inspired by Jennifer Paige, pop singer Tinx releases mysterious ‘Crush’

Tinx’s new single ‘Crush’ provides further evidence that the ’90s is an endless well of inspiration for today’s artists. As any music lover will quite rightly spot, the London-based Swedish singer showcases her revised rendition of the 1998 Jennifer Paige classic at the heart of her contemporary pop track.

Produced by Tinx’s long term collaborator Tylr Rydr, this bittersweet version combines pop, dance and RnB elements into this mysterious soundtrack. Just think if James Bond had to go on a covert mission in a glitzy London nightclub – then you’d be close to what ‘Crush’ sounds like.

Or rather than trying to imagine, why not go ahead and play Tinx’s ‘Crush’ below?

“I’ve loved the original version since I was a kid & when my manager jokingly suggested I re-work it, I gladly accepted the challenge. I got to reconnect with Tylr, who I worked on my 1st EP with and making this was just easy & fun… until I actually started to ball my eyes out in the studio, it’s not one to sing when going through a break up. That’s for sure.” – Tinx

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