dekleyn drops self titled debut album.

Aussie duo dekleyn have dropped their debut album, the 12-track self titled project, – ‘dekleyn’. Gearing up to this mammoth release over the past few months, dekleyn have delivered a vast collection of alternative, dance – pop tunes such as ‘See Right Through Me’, ‘One More Night’, ‘Who We Are’, ‘What We Could Be’ and ‘Time, Place & You’, securing them a whole heap of fans along the way. The pair wrote, produced, recorded and mixed the album all on their own. Dive down deep and get ready to dance your socks off to dekleyn’s debut!

“This album is the product of a year of hard work and many years developing our skills as songwriters and producers. It symbolises a turning point in the evolution of dekleyn and it has been a huge stepping stone toward our next phase.”– dekleyn


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